Transmission Services

There are quite a few reasons to service your vehicle’s transmission, from trouble shifting gears or the clunking that none of us want to hear, but they all revolve around a broken transmission due to an overlooked issue.

The transmission is the bread to the engine’s butter and provides a consistent power source to the rest of the drivetrain. On average, a vehicle transmission consists of about 800 different parts, and require a trained mechanic to identify and fix issues.

Reasons To Have Your Transmission Serviced

There are a lot of small particles like metal shavings that get caught up or build up in the transmission fluid, and as this passes through cogs and gears, it gets stuck and wears down the various parts of the transmission.

The new transmission fluid improves the holding power between the clutches so that it doesn’t slip and reduces the heat created from friction.

Manuals Vs. Other Transmission Types

A manual transmission is a lot easier to maintain and typically includes a transmission fluid flush and exchange.

Automatic transmission services are more complicated and may consist of a fluid flush and exchange, filter replacement, and pan gasket replacement.

During a transmission service, a mechanic runs a diagnostic test to see if the computer sees any errors as well. If the diagnostic shows a problem with the transmission, it may require a full rebuild to remove and replace the broken parts.

How Often Do I Need A Transmission Service?

It is best to check your car owner’s manual for factory recommended maintenance since each car varies significantly by make and model. The average vehicle needs to get a transmission fluid flush every 30,000 to 50,000 miles.

Even though a transmission service is only necessary here and there throughout the lifespan of your car, it goes a long way to extending the life of your car and avoiding any major transmission repairs!

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Our Most Common Services

  • VW/Audi DQ250 Fluid & Filter Replacement
  • Audi DL501 DSG Fluid & Filter Replacement
  • BMW DCT Services

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