Wheel & Tire Services

Signs Its Time For New Tires

  • Tires are bald
  • Sidewalls have cracks or gouges
  • Your car is constantly shaking
  • Your spare has been fully utilized
  • Tire wear bar is visible
  • Uneven wear
  • Seasonal Change (Winter Tires)

Not All Tires Are Created Equal

Your vehicle needs a new set of tires, and everyone is talking about getting them mounted and balanced as well. What does that mean? It’s simple, and a quick job for any shop with the proper tools. The purpose of this article is to help you understand what the right tools are and how we can help!

Mounting is the act of installing the tire on the wheel. Balancing becomes a little more involved and can significantly affect your vehicle’s performance & handling if done improperly; or not at all!

An easy way to understand why tires require balancing is to think about your washing machine during the spin cycle. Evenly distributed weight of the clothes inside of the washing machine allows everything to function as it should. If the weight shifts, then a vibration arises, and the washing machine begins to shake like crazy. Once that happens, you have to turn it off and redistribute the clothes. Now imagine the same vibrations while driving.

Spin Balancing

We have specialized equipment to inspect the wheels and tires, and track down any inconsistencies that could cause a vibration when spinning – just like your washing machine with the clothing improperly distributed. The wheel and tire assembly go through a series of tests, and the tool identifies where the pairing is out of balance. The machine detects these spots, and the technician corrects them by sticking small weights to specific locations. This process helps correct the weight distribution of the tire and keeps the vibrations out of your steering wheel!

There is another way to find your wheels imbalances, however, and this is known as Road Force Balancing. Road Force Balancing is one more of the many services we offer here at EuroSense!

Road Force Balancing

Spin balancing rotates the tire and wheel assemblies in the air to find the inconsistencies and imbalances, a Road Force balance mimics the force of the road on the tire and wheel by pressing a large roller against the contact patch of the tire as it spins.

The Road Force machine detects non-balance, radial-force related problems associated with tire uniformity, tire and rim runout, wheel to balancer mounting errors, and improper seating of tire to the rim. Taking advantage of the information provided lets you get a better balance while using less weights!

Tire Services Near Me

When you need tire services in Branford, CT, you need the team at EuroSense. Your European vehicle simply demands the very best, and returning to the dealership for tire services in Branford, CT, is particularly foolish. They will charge more for tires than most other things, so when your European car needs tire services in Branford, CT, trust the experts at EuroSense.

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