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We are a company with values and we expect our employees to have their own values and abide by core company values. Our values are an integral part of why we have such a great team, and it is one of the many reasons that the majority of our clients continue to use our services and buy parts from us. To read more about us click here.


We are a team. Our team is made up of all different types of people who are united in their automotive passion and their desire to complete their part of the equation. Each team member plays a necessary part to making EuroSense successful, and therefore each individual is important to the company and to the owner.


We value education and keeping our employees up to date on industry trends, new processes and products, and training on new brands and services. We continuously train our employees for the respective position they are in. So bring your thinking caps!


We aim to provide best experience for our clients so we aim to provide the best experience for our employees. Everyone receives equal treatment here and we all get along very well. It is a very friendly work environment. Click here to read some of the good things people have to say about our company and our staff.


We encourage our employees to grow here at Excelerate, both professionally and personally. We want good people who want to work hard and who want to advance. Each person is given the opportunity to demonstrate their diligence and ability; when that has become apparent there will be commensurate growth within the company.


We offer competitive pay, employee benefits, and practical rewards for our employees. We believe the combination of financial incentives, appropriate commendation, and satisfying work for all employees is necessary so that all employees can see the reward for hard work and feel rewarded for their efforts.

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