Your Audi is a dependable and sleek piece of German engineering and it’s as important to us at EuroSense as it is to you. We’re committed to offering you the best service and repair options for your Audi that you can find anywhere in the Branford, CT area.

What Does Audi Service Entail?

Audi service and routine maintenance involves checking the air filters, the electrical system, and the underside of the vehicle. Other checks include the tires and the exterior of the car, changing the oil and the oil filter, and verifying that all is well with your Audi. If you’re noticing anything that doesn’t feel or seem quite right with your Audi, always make sure to mention it so that we can rule out potential repair issues. We offer multi-point digital inspections that help you to have all the information you need to know what your Audi needs in terms of repairs or services.

What if You Need Audi Repair in Branford, CT?

But what if your Audi does need repair? Even the most well-maintained Audis occasionally have issues. Whether there’s a problem with your Audi’s exhaust system, fuel system, or suspension, we’re here to help. We’ve got master certified technicians available to diagnose any issue that your Audi could have. Once we know what’s going on, we can make sure you have the information that you need in order to choose the best repair path for your needs. We’ve even got financing options available through Synchrony Car Care if you need additional support.

Keeping Your Audi Running Perfectly

Keeping your Audi running perfectly is a lot easier when you have someone in your corner. Our 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty lets us stand behind every bit of our work. And if you have issues with your Audi when you’re out on the road, let our roadside assistance help you when you need it most. We’re committed to offering you the best support possible for your Audi and ensuring that you’re as safe as possible behind the wheel.

Services to Schedule for Your Audi

  • Timing Chain Replacement
  • Timing Chain Tensioner and Camshaft Bridge
  • Timing Belt Services
  • Carbon Cleaning
  • 2.0T FSI Camshaft Replacement
  • Factory Software Updates
  • DSG services
  • Oil consumption repair

Need to drop off your Audi after hours for repair? You can do that with EuroSense in Branford, CT. We’ll be happy to diagnose whatever concerns you have with your Audi and contact you for your permission before we begin any work. That way you’ll know exactly what’s going on and there won’t be any mysteries about anything involved in the repair process at all.

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