Advanced Diagnostics

What Is Involved?

We can understand why you have lost faith in your local dealer. With today’s vehicles, most if not all systems function through computer systems. They require more than just reading codes from a scanner; they also require a deep understanding of the vehicle in itself and what factors impact each other.

Vehicle diagnosis can be very complicated. For the sake of passenger safety, peace of mind and 100% warranty backed work performed by a specialized professional always leave it to the experts.

Since vehicles consist of many computerized components and continuously moving parts, it is crucial we accurately diagnose the first time. At EuroSense, we always use the proper tools, equipment, and resources to give you a full transparent understanding of your issue.

A Solution For Every Problem!

At EuroSense, we pride ourselves on our advanced diagnostic services. We work diligently to always accurately diagnose the correct problems and provide the most affordable solutions the first time. If you have lost confidence in your dealer we promise to deliver exactly what you are looking for in an auto repair shop!

With our state of the art equipment, specialty tools, in-depth knowledge, extensive experience, and great team; we always stand behind our work 100% of the time. We pride ourselves on transparent communication with our customers. You will know what is going on with your vehicle every step of the way and even encouraged to wait while we fix your problem and take advantage of our lounge and free WiFi.

Our focus is on establishing trust rapport with our customers that will build a relationship far past your first visit.

Some Of The Tools We Use:

Ross-tech / VCDS

VAG COM is the most essential VW/Audi tool ever created. Ross-Tech software and the VCDS cable allow you to look into all your vehicle modules and electronics. It will enable you to read and log data from sensors, re-code modules, and generate the list of codes (which translate to issues) in each module. We even have access to vehicle coding so we can enable or disable non-standard functions.

All Data Repair

Created by experts, for experts, ALLDATA is the leading provider of OEM service and repair information to the professional automotive industry. ALLDATA provides a suite of products to help make the most of our processes and repair quality. These products include OE repair manuals, diagnostic information, wiring diagrams, factory scheduled maintenance calendars, and much much more.

OEM Diagnostic Tools

Dealership specialty tools can be a necessity when correctly diagnosing and repairing certain vehicles. T. Generic tools may “get the job done” but aim to get the job done right. Therefore, EuroSense has invested a lot of money and time into manufacturing and utilizing custom platform-specific tooling and diagnostic equipment.

Auto Logic

The Autologic device combines proven multi-brand European vehicle diagnostics capabilities. The software can work with BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, Audi, and VW. Autologic is a cloud-based database platform, which allows our mechanics to add new technologies and new service providers to the device as they become available.

Borescope Services

This fancy contraption is a particularly useful instrument to own. A borescope is for inspecting the inside of a structure through a small hole. Our mechanics use this tool to diagnose issues or failures that cannot be seen by the eye unless otherwise physically removed. This tool saves our mechanics valuable time in finding the problem without spending the time tearing the car apart to find it, ultimately saving you money.

Vacuum & Boost Leak Testing

Is your vehicle experiencing a loss of power, low boost, rough running, lean conditions, misfires, or emissions valves not working properly? It may be an intake leak or an emissions hose leak. With our trained eye, our Blue Point Smoke Machine, and various positive boost testing apparatus, we will get your leak located and fixed.

Advanced Diagnostics Near Me

When you need advanced diagnostics in Branford, CT, bring your European vehicle to the pros at EuroSense. Between our team and our equipment, we will get your European vehicle running better than ever. Make an appointment today!

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