Air Conditioning Services

Signs Your Car’s Air Conditioning System Is Failing

  • Air isn’t as cold as it used to be
  • Foul smell like mildew coming from the AC vents
  • Unusual banging or rattling sounds
  • Puddles or stains on floorboard under the dash
  • Leaks and low pressure of air flow

What Is Involved

Modern AC systems contain a compressor to pressurize the refrigerant and circulate the oils through the system to help deliver the cold air.

An AC system has two sides, the high side, and the low side. The refrigerant begins its life as a gas in the low-pressure side. As the refrigerant is pushed through the system by the compressor, it is pressurized and converted into a liquid. Continuous circulation of this refrigerant through the AC system is what allows your vehicle to move cold air out of the vents in the cabin.

Given the fact that the AC systems are pressurized, they have to be 100% sealed to function to the best of their ability. The AC system contains many gaskets and seals, and as time passes, these seals and gaskets begin to leak – which releases the refrigerant from the system. Once enough of the refrigerant has left the system; it can no longer appropriately pressurize which means it must be refilled before it will begin to work correctly again.

Don’t Fall Victim To The DIY

So you’ve seen the recharge cans at the auto parts store; they are cheap enough and claim they will get the job done. While they can provide some temporary relief, DIY recharge kits can actually cause damage to the system.

Many of these kits contain additives to clog the leaks. These additives can also begin to clog other, more valuable, parts of your AC system. Rather than attempting to recharge the system with the can it’s best to take your vehicle to a professional for the proper fix.

Don’t let an at-home repair get the best of you and your vehicle!

The Service

A qualified technician always performs the service. They begin inspecting the system for leaks (hoses, pipes, or compressor) and make repairs to the components as necessary. Your vehicle’s air conditioning system has many gaskets and seals, so it is essential to rule out as much as possible for the longest-lasting fix.

If it has been determined that the system is not functioning correctly due to the lack of refrigerant, and thus it’s the inability to build pressure, the technician will remove the remaining refrigerant. This refrigerant travels into the recycling equipment that cleans the oils of impurities and then recharges the system by pumping the now clean refrigerant back in. It also tops off the AC system, the previously missing refrigerant, to allow it to build pressure properly. Since EPA regulations do not allow you to release the refrigerant into the atmosphere, these machines are hooked up to extract it.

Once your system has been recharged, a leak test is performed, and you are sent on your way!

AC Repair Near Me

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